Laminine FAQs

Can Laminine combat ageing?

”Do I need a prescription to take Laminine?”

”What is a recommended dosage of Laminine?”

”What is a recommended dosage of Laminine?”

”How many capsules are in a box/bottle of Laminine?”

”Can I buy Laminine cheaper?”

”Can I become a distributor even if it’s just me using taking Laminine?” 

”What can I expect when I start taking Laminine?”

”Are there any contra-indications or safety issues?” 

”What are the ingredients in Laminine?”

”What if I am allergic to eggs?”

”What is OPT9?”

”Can I read more about (FGF) Fibroblast Growth Factor?” 

”Where do the Laminine Marine Proteins come from?”

”Are the contents of Laminine safe and pure?”

”Where is Laminine made?” 

”How should I take Laminine?”

”When LifePharm produces Laminine do they use free-range eggs?”

”Is there any Cholesterol in Laminine?”

”What about Salmonella?” 

”Can pets take Laminine?”


”Is Laminine safe for animal consumption?”

”How can animals benefit from taking Laminine?”

”What is the suggested Laminine usage for different animals, such as: cats, dogs, and horses?” 

”When should pets be given Laminine?” 

"Can Laminine benefit pets with joint discomfort?”

”For what other animal health conditions have veterinarians used Laminine for the treatment of and to decrease discomfort?”